Church Ministries

Altar Servers

      Altar servers assist the celebrant at all weekend Masses and at any special Mass, such as a Wedding Celebration, Christmas, Easter and Holy Days  This ministry is open to all boys and girls in grade 4 through 12 who have made their First Communion. Training is provided to all new altar servers in the fall of each year. Please check the Parish Bulletin for dates of training.

Adult Altar Servers

       Adult servers assist the celebrant at Funeral Masses. The funeral masses are 9:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and servers need to be available at these times.Funerals are perfomed  Mondays through Saturdays as needed. Servers are assigned on a rotating basis. Training is provided,so if you are able to assist please call the Parish office at 875-2730 ext. 10 and speak to the parish secretary or the Pastor.  

Ministers of Holy Communion

      Minisisters of Holy Communion assist the priest or deacon in the distrubution of the Eucharist to the Faith Community. Ministers of the Eucharist also may bring Communion to parishoners confined in their homes and unable to join the assembly for worship. If you feel a calling to distribute to the home bound contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator- Donna Barker @ 875-2730 ext. 27.

      Candidates must meet specific requirements mandated by Church law for this ministry. Upon selection, the candidates are required to complete a prescribed training session where they are instructed in the rites and texts of the sacrament. 


      The Task of a Lector is to proclaim the Word of God to the whole assembly.The Lector becomes the voice through which God speaks to the worshiping community.To become a good Lector requires preperation by study, practice and prayer. In advance of the actual time of the Liturgy, the Lector studies the given texts with the assistance of the Lector's Workbook. This tool provides proper pronounciation, phrasing and interpretation of the scripture passages. 

Ushers and Greeters

       The ushers and greeters of St. Paul's try to create an atmosphere conducive to the act of worship,by welcoming parishioners as they enter The Church of St. Paul.  Ushers are responsible for seeing that the collection and the offertory gifts are presented at the appropriate time. One of the ushers' main functions is to ochestrate an orderly reception of the Eucharist .After Mass, the ushers and greeters distribute bulletins to the parishoners as they exit the church. It is also the responsibility of the ushers to organize missalettes, song books, bulletins, etc. when their assigned Mass is concluded. 


If you would like more information regarding these ministries please contact the parish office.